What's new this week?

■ Again, very tasty Nepalese food. We like beans curry very much. Thanks a lot Sapkota. - (27/06/2007)

■ A fascinating conference at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - Our graduate student, Achyut Sapkota, read a nice paper! (04/06/2007 - 08/06/2007)

■ Lunch party with Mabo Donburi - Tasty and spicy donburi with mabo-tofu (tofu with Si-chuan style hot soup) (30/05/2007)

■ Conference on Flow Visualization and Image Processing held in Honlulu, Hawaii!! (16/05/2007 to 19/05/2007)

■ Now well-known "lunch party" in Ohmi Laboratory - Everybody got a special size beef-donburi!! (02/05/2007)

■ Visit to Seoul National University of Technology by Prof.Ohmi - In Korean language, this is Seoul Sangyo University!! (06/04/2007)

■ 2006th year's graduation day - Congratulation everybody!! (20/03/2007)

■ Vietnam special tour by 9 OSU students! Wwonderful experience in the South and North of Vietnam (26/02/2007 - 10/03/2007)

■ Yearend party on Christmas day! Good taste and good campany - (25/12/2006)

■ Lunch party with Mabo-donburi. Thanks to Mr. Takada - (12/10/2006)

■ Germany trip. 4 graduate students attended and presented papers at International Visualization Symposium held in Goettingen, Germany. They then visited Berlin Technical University - (08/09/2006-08/09/2006)

■ Annual undegraduate students' seminar at Misaki Training Center. As usual enjoyed the summer beach. - (02/08/2006)

■ IEEE World Conference on Computational Intelligence at Van Couver, Canada. PhD student Achyut Sapkota presented a nice paper - (17 to 21/07/2006)

■ Welcome party for new undergraduate student - Heartly welcome!! (10/05/2006)

■ 2005th year's graduation day - Congratulation everybody!! (20/03/2006)

■ Monkasho GP (Good Practice) program conference - Two undergraduate students made a presentation at this conference held in Osaka Rihga Royal Hotel (03/02/2006)

■ Final presentation by undergraduate students - Nice presentation! All runs smoothly. And with a wonderful Kamameshi lunch!!! - (02/02/2006)

■ Yearend party - wonderful restaurant near Suminodo station! Thanks Mr.Hirai for his nice arrangement. - (26/12/2005)

■ Mr. Chen prepared delicious Chinese food. Thank you Chen. - (01/12/2005)

■ Korean pizza "Chijimi". Thanks a lot Seunghee. - (17/11/2005)

■ ISTP-16 at the ancient city of Praha (Czech Republic). Prof. Ohmi, Mr. Sapkota and Miss Jeon participated the conference. - (20/08/2005)

■ Undegraduate students' seminar at Misaki Training Center. Enjoyed the summer beach after that. - (29/07/2005)

■ Our undergraduate student Mr. Zhang preapared Chinese-style Jiaozi (Gyoza). Thanks Zhang. - (29/06/2005)

■ YAKISOBA, of Fried Noodle, prepared by all. - (22/06/2005)

■ Prof. Sang-Joon Lee from POSTECH Korea gives speech on "PIV A TO Z". - (16/06/2005)

■ Conference in the beautiful city of Huangshan China. Mr. Chen participated the conference. - (10/06/2005)

■ Nepalese "DAL, BHAT, TARKARI, ACHAR" by Mr. Sapkota. Thanks a lot Sapkota. - (08/06/2005)

■ Conference in Chiangmai, Thailand. Prof. Ohmi and Miss Li participated the conference. - (24/05/2005)

■ TFEC6 at beautiful Island of Jeju, Korea. Prof. Ohmi, Mr. Sapkota and Miss Jeon participated the conference. - (22/03/2005)

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